András Bódis-Szomorú

Computer Vision Engineer | Dr. sc. ETH Zürich

About Me

I am a computer vision engineer specialized in 3D technologies, employed at NVIDIAEver since I proudly owned a C64 with a casette reader and learnt coding for fun as a teenager later, I enjoy engineering products of modern computerized technology – especially when these do not respond with a loud bang followed by penetrating smoke. 

I did my Ph.D. in 3D computer vision for efficient urban modelling in the lab of Prof. Luc Van Gool at ETH Zürich, where I developed methods for converting airborne/street-side images into semantic 3D surface models. I have been using techniques from image segmentation, Structure from Motion (SfM), multi-view geometry, volumetric reconstruction, geometry processing (point clouds, height maps and meshes) and multi-view texturing.  See my Publications for some of the outcome, including 3D models of the city of Zürich. 

Before joining ETH, I was a computer vision researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and an assistant lecturer at TU Budapest where I worked on vision algorithms and hardware development projects, held courses and supervised a number of bachelor and master students. I obtained a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from TU Budapest. In my master thesis, I created a microcontroller-based motor control module we later used in education and to build a balancing robot. See my Resumé for more career facts.  

I am a Hungarian from Transylvania, trained early for the love of mountains in the CarpathiansI lived in Budapest for decades until I moved to Zurich, Switzerland.  I prefer to spend my free time outdoors, in particular, hiking, skiiing, or biking all day long in the mountains.